Beautiful World


but why are you so perfect?


Julianne Moore, photographed by Driu & Tiago for Madame Figaro, May 23, 2014.


Invasion of Astro-Monster (Ishirô Honda, 1965)


Memento Mori by Yoshitoshi Kanemaki

make me choosegreenseva asked → Eva Green or Vera Farmiga

But now I am with my sestra, having adventures.

I can’t even ;_; so cute!!!

Happy Birthday Audrey Hepburn (May 4th, 1929 – January 20th, 1993) 

"I couldn’t quite fathom that she was real. There were so many paradoxes in that face. Darkness and purity; depth and youth; stillness and animation. She had a fresh new look, a beauty that was ethereal." - Anthony Beauchamp